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“Standing Still | Still Standing” – Matthew Sanford Documentary Event

Please join us Thursday 10/17/19 from 6 - 8 pm in 403 Hayes Hall on the UB South Campus to view Matthew Sanford's new documentary by Andrew Walton, followed by a "virtual" question and answer...READ MORE of this article

Universal Design Yoga – Yoga for You: Designed by Students for Every Body

This spring semester, students working with me created a Universally Designed Yoga (UD Yoga) practice, and demonstrated the practice in a new video created to allow anyone to experience the benefits of UD Yoga.READ MORE of this article

Watch DEEJ Movie on World Autism Awareness Day

Did you know that April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day? More than 3.5 million individuals live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and just as the name implies, there is a wide spectrum as to...READ MORE of this article

Students and STRESS

For college students, this is often one of the busiest, most challenging times of the year. Lot's Lots of exams, papers, projects and presentations in multiple courses. In Western New York and many places all...READ MORE of this article

We’re Excited For… The 2018 Disability Pride Parade & Festival!

July 26-30 is an exciting weekend for supporters of people with disabilities. The annual Buffalo Disability Pride Festival will take place at several locations downtown that weekend, and it’s jam packed with events, activities and...READ MORE of this article

Accessibility in the Workplace: Is What’s “Legal” Enough?

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed. Part of this legislation mandates that employers cannot discriminate on the basis of disability. In 2015, there were 26,968 charges of disability discrimination filed through the...READ MORE of this article

Taking shirt off, start with strong arm

Hurray for Inclusive Clothing Design!

It seems we may be entering a new era of clothing design for people whose bodies don't fit comfortably into traditional clothing designs.READ MORE of this article

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Advocating Isn’t Easy

It takes persistence and determination, things that may be in short supply during stressful events, to stand up for yourself and your rights. Advocacy isn't easy.
READ MORE of this article

Starlight Studio – Inclusivity in Art

Starlight Studio and Art Gallery, located next to People Inc. on Delaware Rd. and West Tupper St. in Buffalo, is an inclusive art gallery and day program that supports adults with disabilities through art. Participants...READ MORE of this article

Simple and Safe seated & standing yoga practice 5 days post surgery-16

Yoga Practice Without Using Your Arms

I walked into class and the first thing someone said to me was, " how are you going to do yoga without an arm?" It's funny, but that one statement felt very... unwelcoming. READ MORE of this article