It seems we may be entering a new era of clothing design for people whose bodies don't fit comfortably into traditional clothing designs. We're excited to see more and more companies designing and marketing clothing for people with physical disabilities. Retailers are starting to include models with disabilities in their advertising. The fashion industry is starting to realize that bodies come in all shapes, and not everyone is able to get dressed the same way.

Not only is this a great boon to inclusivity, it's a smart business move. There is a large, mostly untapped, market of people with physical disabilities who have been yearning for more choices in clothing and left out of the fashion conversation. When top designers recognize and prioritize diversity in their designs, it gives everyone the independence and confidence that can come from getting dressed each day.

We recently saw a line created by Tommy Hilfiger that was designed with the needs of the physically disabled in mind, allowing them independence without sacrificing style. We hope to see more designers follow his lead, and more consumers demanding that this audience not be ignored in fashion. Hurray to those already doing so!