Shoulder replacement surgery didn't really feel like a choice to me due to increasing pain and loss of function. At the same time, it is a bit weird when I think about having a titanium shoulder joint.

I work with and I am friends with a lot of people whose bodies are not typical. There are many ways of thinking about choosing to replace joints. Someone jokingly asked me how many joints you can replace before you are not human.

Hmmm. Interesting.

The best I have is that it is a very personal decision. And there is a certain privilege involved. For example, ask yourself; if you are working will you be able to get time off (you cannot drive for 5 - 6 weeks), do you have insurance, what is your pain level, how functional are you now and will surgery increase your function, will you be able to get to rehab and afford the copays? One thing is clear: DO NOT HAVE THE SURGERY IF YOU ARE NOT COMMITTED TO DOING THE REHAB, surgery is only the first step!