Yesterday was the second UD Yoga class in the community at East Meets West at the Foundry in Buffalo, New York. This series was funded by the Jamie Lembeck Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. Jamie was a disability advocate who advocated full community inclusion for everyone. Jamie embraced and lived a very full life always choosing fun and "going for it" to the extent possible in a city not always accessible to those with disabilities. Jamie died ten years ago this coming July. I like to think Jamie would have enjoyed the class yesterday. It was such a fun class to lead teach and collaborate on with Elyssa Bourke, Julia Kress , Patrick Moltane and all of the participants. It is exciting to watch participants as they learn who they are in yoga, exploring poses from the inside out, trying poses in different relationships to gravity, developing inner awareness, finding gratitude for being able to practice in the way that serves them. Of course all of us are learning, and the UD Yoga teachers, including me, learn from each other and the participants all of the time. That is part of the yoga; the sharing of knowledge and energy, the support, holding space for each other. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of it.

Some comments from participants:

"Was fun and relaxing"
"Lovely, grounded, calm, centered"
"Happy and satisfying"
"Relaxed, positive"