In Spring of 2013, just after my husband was diagnosed with cancer, a good friend, and fellow yoga teacher introduced me to Buffalo Alternative Therapies' (BAT) Community Acupuncture. At the time I was curious, however, I had no idea what an important part of my life it would become. I had been to different acupuncture offices in the past, but I learned that the community acupuncture model is quite different. At BAT a variety of 9 zero gravity chairs, recliners, and a massage table are spaced out and set up in a large room, calmly lit with soft music playing.

On your visit, you fill out paperwork and discuss your concerns with Craig in detail, and then Craig sets you up with the filaments in positions to address your stated concerns. You stay fully dressed, although you may remove your socks, and roll up you pant legs and sleeves a bit. For me the filaments go in slightly different places every visit, however, they are limited to my hands, forearms, shoulders, ears, scalp, lower legs and feet.

"Acupuncture played a part in Sue's recovery. She was all in. This dedication helped her recover as quickly as possible. Eating well, sleeping well, pushing herself when she could and letting herself rest when she needed to all played a part in the recovery." - Craig Labadie, L. Ac
"Acupuncture typically has one of two outcomes: a lot of people come out feeling centered and mellow and other people come out feeling re-energized and ready to go." - Craig Labadie, L. Ac

As opposed to typical American acupuncture, at BAT there is a sliding scale for payment. You may choose to pay between $15.00 - $40.00, which helps make acupuncture affordable for a wider range of people. I am usually at a treatment for around an hour, and I always fall into a very deep "sleep", awaking feeling very rested, calm and ready for whatever is next. During many of the months when my husband was in chemo, up and down all night with the sound of the oxygen machine keeping him alive but making it impossible to sleep, the best rest came during acupuncture. There were a few times when I slept for two hours! The other real benefit has always been the calm and reduced pain I feel after acupuncture. I think one of the reasons my shoulder pain may have decreased was I felt so relaxed and had been able to rest.

When I decided to have the shoulder replacement surgery, I discussed the possibility of post-surgery acupuncture with Craig. On the day after my surgery, when I got home from the hospital, Craig came to my house and did a treatment. I fell into a deep sleep and felt calmer and more comfortable when I woke up. I had taken a narcotic before PT that morning in the hospital, but from then on I only took an occasional extra strength Tylenol, mostly at night. By week 3 I was med free. Friends took me to Community Acupuncture during the 5 weeks post surgery I was not allowed to drive (illegal to drive in NYS with an immobilizer on).